Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Zionist threat to end Jewish support for Tories

Israel’s interference in UK politics is becoming increasingly public, thanks to the Al Jazeera undercover investigation of behind the scenes machinations by the Israeli agents from the Israeli Embassy and those domestic ones, planted within many UK democratic bodies. The agents were caught on camera planning to destroy reputations of elected representatives of the UK people such as Members of Parliament and student representatives. Now traditional supporters, the Tory Party is told to behave or suffer the consequences!

Read the recent article by Jews for Justice for Palestinians here http://jfjfp.com/?p=89867

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Stolen goods in our shops - don't buy fruits of occupation

Look at the box of Medjoul dates me and a friend photographed earlier in a Turkish supermarket at the bottom of Walthamstow Market.
The box had text in Arabic and in English and the brand is Jordan Valley.

You would think that those dates are produced by the Jordanian or Palestinian farmers, and the intention is that you think exactly that.

In fact they come from the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, Palestine.

The barcode 72900….indicates that Israel is a producer. It is known that in order to cover up the country of origin and avoid being boycotted, Israel sometimes uses different barcodes.

What makes the country of origin totally certain is the ‘Hadiklaim’ logo.

Hadiklaim is an Israeli date growers’ co-operative which sells its dates abroad under the following brand names: King Solomon, Jordan River and Jordan River Bio-Top, as well as under the private labels of supermarket chains.

Always check the label and if it says ‘Hadiklaim’ don’t buy it and complain to the management.

International laws say that occupiers should neither move their population into the occupied countries, not exploit their resources.

In the case of Jordan Valley Medjoul dates Israel is guilty on both accounts.

The fact that we have goods acquired by theft and criminal activities in our shops is both incomprehensible and unacceptable and we should boycott them and make them unsaleable.

More info about Israeli dates sold in the UK can be found here https://www.palestinecampaign.org/checkthelabel/

Monday, 16 January 2017

Film showing '5 Broken Cameras'

Waltham Forest Palestine Solidarity Campaign is showing a wonderful and award winning Palestinian film

'5 Broken Cameras'
in the Wanstead Tap
at 7pm
on this Thursday, 19 Jan 2017

The film is a first-hand account of non-violent struggle in Palestine against the Israeli occupation and land grab.

‘5 Broken Cameras’ won a 2012 Sundance Film Festival award, the Golden Apricot at the 2012 Yerevan International Film Festival, Armenia, the 2013 International Emmy Award and was nominated for a 2013 Academy Award.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Friday, 23 December 2016

Singing for Palestine

Large crowd joined in Christmas carols singing earlier tonight, 22 December'16 in Trafalgar Square in London.

Funds were raised for Amos Trust's Women of Palestine Christmas Appeal, to ensure breast-screening is available to the women of the besieged Gaza- see http://www.amostrust.org/give/women-of-palestine-appeal/

Justin Butcher http://www.justinbutcher.co.uk did a fab job conducting Choir of St Luke's Church, West Holloway, the acclaimed north London choir Vox Holloway and the members of the London NUT Choir, supported by the Holloway Brass quartet.

What a lovely way to show solidarity with Palestine and raise funds for an important health cause.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

WFPSC at the St Barnabas Christmas Fayre, 4 December ’16

On Sunday the 4th we joined a well-attended community event in the St Barnabas Church in Walthamstow.
Visitors streamed in and out throughout the afternoon buying Christmas presents made by local organisations and arty residents and having cakes and hot drinks.

The link with a Christian family in Bethlehem made the event even more special. Sami Awad of the
http://www.holylandtrust.org/about-holy-land-trust.html spoke to the people attending the Fayre via a laptop which Cannon Steven Saxby carried around the Church Hall.

Steven and his family made everybody so very welcome and good time was had by all.
We had chats with so many fellow Waltham Forest residents who tried our Palestinian olive oil and zatar and acquired quantities of it, as well as Palestinian dates, Nablus soap and other Zaytoun and Palestine Solidarity Campaign produce we had on our stall.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Leyton stall today, 3 December '16

Here are a few pictures form our Palestine stall earlier today, in the wind-tunnel outside the Poundland in Leyton.

The interest and expressions of solidarity were hearth warming. A woman came over who spoke with tears in her eyes about her recent trip to pray in Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and the subsequent tour of the occupied West Bank.

Another woman told us that she spend time in the West Bank during the First Intifada and described her feelings of desperation that the atrocities in Palestine still continue to this day.

There was lots of interest in the Hewlett Packard boycott and everybody we spoke to was surprised to learn about HP's involvement in the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Out next stall will take place in the Walthamstow Town Centre, near Library,

on Saturday 10 December

Hope to see you there. All welcome.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Join us at Leyton stall tomorrow & at Christmas Fayre on Sunday

Join Jim and Rada at WFPSC stall outside TKMaxx near the Leyton tube station.

We will be there with our Palestine publicity materials and Zaytoun produce tomorrow,

Saturday the 3rd December
between 11.30 - 14.00.

Also, we will take our stall to the St Barnabas Christmas Fayre taking place on this

Sunday the 4th December
between 13.00-17.00
Foster Hall, Wellesley Road, E17 8QY

Come and mingle with the locals at this traditional and well attended community event and do your Christmas shopping while supporting local organisations.

We hope to have a skype link with a Palestinian family in Bethlehem and share festive feelings with them.

The pictures are form WFPSC last year's stall at St Barnabas Christmas Fayre.